January 1 2013

Know Where Your Seafood Comes From

When we shop for seafood at the local fish market or grocery store, little do we realize that most of these places are simply a re-seller of one of many seafood distributors. How do you know if the seafood is really fresh? What is the origin of the seafood?  It is difficult to know if the seafood is really fresh, how long it sat on the boat, how long it sat on ice, how long it sat at the dock or port, at the distributor, and how long at the market. Not to mention, was it ever frozen, thawed, and then refroze? Did you ever have seafood that did not smell or taste quite right? This could be due to any of these factors.

It's important to know where the seafood comes from and how it is handled before it is eaten. Aside from safety and enjoyment, let's face it. You are paying good money for seafood - it should be good. One thing that I learned about Crab Dynasty is that they cut out the middle man, distribution chains and retail market. They receive the seafood directly before it is shipped. By doing this, freshness is optimal. In addition, each piece of seafood is hand inspected.  If something is not right, it won't be shipped. That's the kind of high quality control that you can expect from Crab Dynasty. Safe, fresh and delicious seafood is exactly what you get!

Theresa Lombardo
Blog Contributor

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