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    Maryland Crab

    The pride of the Chesapeake Bay, Blue Crab is best known for its sweet and tender meat.  Blue Crab comes in two main forms, hard shell and soft shell.  Hard shell is what people think when you mention blue crab, and is a staple for summers at the shore!  A tradition for most Marylanders, you must find time to crack open some blue crab and enjoy with your favorite sauces, with butter being the preferred option!  Soft Shell Crabs are much more versatile, as far as how you can cook them.  The most popular way is to fry them golden brown and serve on a sandwich roll!  If you don't feel like picking crabs you can always buy crabmeat by the pound, and use it in various dishes like crab soup, crab dip, or make your own crab cakes!  If you don't feel like making your own crab cakes, we have you covered!  Try our traditional crab cakes, or you can buy jumbo crab cakes or crab balls!