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    Fresh Fish

    Experience delicious fresh fish when you order from Crab Dynasty. The days of eating β€œfishy” tasting fish are behind you. Our freshly-caught American fish are of the best quality, and we supply these fish to many of the top restaurants in the US. Get these same fish delivered directly to your home from Crab Dynasty and enjoy a restaurant-quality meal for less!

    Whether you prefer a flaky and mild fish like tilapia or a rich, buttery salmon, Crab Dynasty has what you are looking for. Choose filets or steaks of your favorite fish, sold in 3 lb. quantities.

    The customer service was excellent and the fish that I sent my Dad he said were delicious πŸ˜‹ πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

    -Tracey C

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    Fish fillets/steaks are shipped fresh / we recommend 1 day shipiping, may freeze in 2 day transit (all 2 day shipments must include dry ice)

    Our selection of fresh fish includes:

    • Cod β€”  a very versatile mild fish with flaky, white meat

    • Flounder β€” flaky and light with a very mild taste

    • Grouper β€” soft, sweet, and juicy

    • Mahi Mahi β€” sweet, mild flavor with lean, firm, and flaky meat

    • Red Snapper β€” mild and slightly sweet with moist and delicate flakes

    • Rockfish, also known as Striped Bass β€” bold and flavorful with thick, flaky meat

    • Salmon β€” moderately firm and flavorful

    • Swordfish β€” mild-tasting and meaty

    • Tilapia β€” a mild and sweet freshwater fish

    • Tuna β€”  firm meat with a mild flavor with moist, large flakes