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    Soft Shell Crabs

    Soft shell crab is a versatile protein you can prepare in many ways. Soft shell crabs possess a rich, tender flavor and texture, making them a favored delicacy across the country.

    Fabulous soft shells!! Super fast shipping. Definitely 10 out of 10!
    - Stacy Hudson

    When are Soft Shell Crabs in Season?

    We harvest soft shell crabs from the Chesapeake Bay during a specific window of time to ensure the entire crab becomes edible. Soft shell crabs are at their prime once they molt. If harvested too late, the shells begin to harden again. Crab season usually begins mid to late March and runs through late October.

    Crab Dynasty harvests and packages Maryland soft shell crabs so you can enjoy them both during crab season and year-round. Crab Dynasty ships our Maryland soft shell crabs frozen for peak freshness no matter the time of year you order them.

    How to Eat Soft Shell Crabs

    Our soft shell crabs are cleaned, packaged, flash-frozen, and prepped for easy cooking once delivered. All you have to do is thaw them, then prepare! It usually works best to place them in the refrigerator to allow them to thaw slowly overnight. 

    Once thawed, you can prepare soft shell crabs by baking, frying, or sauteing. To fry soft shell crabs, first, rinse them in cold water and dry them with a paper towel. Then heat the frying oil to 365 degrees. Take a bowl and beat an egg with some milk. In another bowl, add pepper and salt with some flour. Lightly coat each crab, place it in flour, back into the egg, then flour again. Place each crab in the fryer for 1-2 minutes or until golden brown. Flip the crab over and cook until golden brown on both sides.