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    Seafood lovers trust Crab Dynasty. Our high-quality products delivered fresh to your front door will stun the crowd at your next seafood boil, summer barbeque, or special event. Don’t take our word for it – check out reviews from real customers who’ve shared their experiences ordering from Crab Dynasty. We want to hear from you! Please share your feedback on our Trustpilot page, or email us your questions, concerns, comments or compliments

    Some of our many five-star reviews:

    "My mom was turning 85 and we wanted to surprise her. She loves soft shell crab sandwiches. So, I ordered some. They arrived right when expected! Packed wonderfully and all still frozen! And enclosed was our message " Have a Crabby Birthday!!" Thank you so much!! She was so surprised!"

    —Carolyn Coughenour

    "The crabs were huge! They arrived on time, were well packed and absolutely delicious. Will definitely order again."

    —Deb from Illinois

    We ordered 2 dozen large male crabs for my wife’s birthday dinner. Actually received 2 baker’s dozen (26) which was a pleasant surprise. Got the already steamed and originally seasoned crabs. Had 7 adults and 2 grandchildren who had a great time cracking, cleaning and eating these delicious crabs. Nice and meaty and it was quite an enjoyable dinner. Had 4 left over and will be cleaning those up tomorrow to make a little crab salad. First time to have Maryland crabs but the family is already talking about the next time we will be ordering them. Living in the Midwest, these were quite the treat. Highly recommend Crab Dynasty.

    — Bill

    "Was surprised how much was in the package that I ordered. Packaged really well and the ice was still quite frozen. Came on time for our early Holiday dinner - I was kind of worried we wouldn't get it on time. My brother also orders from you and he loved his order too."

    — Bonnie Swanson

    "We've been customers for several years and have always had good experiences with CD. I've ordered crabmeat shipped to PA, CO and NC. All arrived on-time, well-packed and delicious. I grew up in MD so we're pretty particular about crabmeat."

    — Bill H

    "Thank you for your quick response and delivery. The crab we purchased was for a gift and the recipient was thrilled! Best gift ever!!!"

    — Trish S

    "Been ordering from here for years!! Never had a problem. I moved to KY 5 years ago and lucky they have helped me with my Maryland Crab Cravings lol 😂 I usually buy the 5lbs of crab meat!"

    — Dawn Hinman

    "Good price, good service. The crabcakes are much better than others, full of real crab meat"

    — Dewey

    "The shipping was phenomenal from Maryland to Alaska next day air shipping dry ice was still an inch thick all ice packs ice cold and most importantly crab kept rock solid frozen each individual package is also a nice feature from this company. I will definitely be making a purchase again the soft shell crab was phenomenal taste and size was perfect. 10 out of 10 definitely recommend"

    — Mariah

    “We have ordered from various crab places and had them delivered to our different addresses ever since we left the Ches. Bay Area 30 years ago. Crab Dynasty by far was the BEST!”

    — Kathy Finley

    I love the customer service. The crabs, shrimp etc., have always been delivered with care, wrapped well and ready to eat! We are very happy with the seafood we receive from them!!"

    — Alanna Wilson

    Ordered fresh soft shell crabs Mon / arrived Tue / all crabs arrived live & were the best softshell crabs I ever ate!! Crab Dynasty my new go to place for seafood."

    — Stephen Evanko

    I've been a customer for years because of the quality of the seafood and customer service."

    — K Coleman

    Time after time. Year after year - you guys manage to do the finest and never disappoint !!!"

    — Romka

    Outstanding customer service. I was a little afraid to order online but you have a life long customer. The quality of crabs was superb the season oh my goodness. I will definitely be making a purchase very soon. Thank you so much sincerely a new customer

    —Shata Rhodes

    "I used to live in the DMV area and recently moved to the south where I have no access to blue crabs. So for a couple years now I’ve been ordering them from online. A couple of places start out ok but then you notice they don’t give you any legs or the crabs are “jumbo” but are more like regular. So I started searching again and found crab dynasty! Hands down so far the best. I will continue to order from them from now on."


    "Great communication. Fast shipping. Delicious scallops, lobsters & soft shell"

    —Steven Ornish

    "First time customer, ordered 2 lbs of jumbo lump crab meat. Order came on time,packed perfectly ( ice cold ) the meat was by far Best I'ver Had !!! super fresh unwashed absolutely awesome !! Thanks to the pickers very few shells keep up the good work i'll definitely be reordering. Thanks"


    "Always packaged properly and delivered as scheduled. Not to mention that they are so meaty and delicious!"

    —David from NJ