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    Steamed Hard Crabs

    Our steamed crabs are freshly caught and then steamed with your desired level of Old Bay seasoning. Each hard crab is hand inspected to ensure the highest grade crab shipped to your door. If you are looking to order a bushel of crabs for that next get together, you can leave the preparation to us! We offer our steamed crabs by the dozen, half bushel, and bushel. We delicately pack our freshly steamed crabs in a special container and then we ship to your door for a ready-to-go crab feast that we know you'll just love! If you prefer to steam your own crabs, you can also buy live blue crab from Crab Dynasty. Steamed Crabs are shipped fresh.
    How to reheat steamed crabs— Put the steamed crab in a pot with about 2 inches of water. For added flavor, add about a cup of vinegar or beer. Reheat them for no more than 8 minutes, over the boiling water. Also, use a rack at the bottom of the pot to lay the crabs on, to help them reheat well. You can also reheat previously steamed blue crab in the microwave. Place a damp paper towel over them to keep them moist and cook on high for 1 to 2 minutes or warm them in the oven for approximately 10 minutes at 375 degrees. ENJOY!

    How many crabs are in a bushel?

    Standard Crab five to five and a half inches 84
    Large Crab five and a half to six inches 72
    Jumbo Crab six to six and three quarter inches 60
    Colossal Crab six and three quarter inches and above 48

    How many crabs should I order for each person?
    If steamed crabs will be served along with other food, about six crabs per person. If you will be eating crabs solely as your main course, then you can plan for approximately eight to a dozen crabs per person. Generally, a bushel of large sized crabs can feed about eight persons. * Please keep in mind that these numbers are "approximate" and are intended to help you determine a ballpark number of crabs to order.