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    Blue Crab

    Blue crab is renowned for its sweet and tender meat. Maryland blue crab from the Chesapeake Bay comes in two forms: hard-shell crabs and soft-shell crabs. Try our selection of Maryland crab products, including soft-shell crabs, soup crabs, crab meat, and our signature crab cakes.

    "Incredible customer service and great crabs. I made an error on my shipping date and was able to contact them and they were happy to help fix the issue and get the crabs out that day. My son and his college friends loved their Maryland crab feast in Ohio. Thank you definitely will order again."
    -Michelle Brown

    Live Hard Crabs

    Hard-shell Maryland crabs are a staple for summers at the shore. Crack open some blue crabs and enjoy them with your favorite sauces.

    Steamed Hard Crabs

    Get all the benefits of hard-shell crabs without the hard work! Our hard-shell steamed Maryland blue crabs are shipped fresh with your desired level of seasoning.

    Soft-Shell Crabs

    Soft-shell Maryland crabs are versatile. You can cook them in many ways, including fried and served on a sandwich roll.

    Soup Crabs

    Frozen, sweet, hard-shell Maryland crabs are available all year round. You can enjoy your favorite Maryland blue crab soup any time of year!

    Crab Meat

    Buy Maryland crab meat by the pound and use it in various dishes like crab soup, crab dip, or to make your crab cakes.

    Crab Cakes

    Try our traditional crab cakes, or you can buy jumbo crab cakes or crab balls!