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    Eating Accessories

    If you’re ordering some of our fresh Maryland crabs, make sure you have the right accessories for eating them! From mallets and claw crackers to help you get to that delicious crab meat, to seasoning and paper for ensuring your seafood boil is the ultimate experience, Crab Dynasty has the seafood accessories you need.

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    Crab mallets are the traditional way to open crab claws. They make it easy to crack open the shell without smashing it, leaving the crab meat ready to eat without you needing to pick out shell pieces.

    Going for snow crab or Alaskan king crab claws or legs? These shells take a little more force, so grab a claw cracker so you can get to that meat faster! If you prefer clams and oysters, make sure you have an oyster shucking knife on hand to pop open those shells.