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    How to Choose the Best Crabs

    The two most important factors when selecting crabs are quality and freshness. Crab Dynasty carefully inspects each hard crab brought into our docks to ensure quality. Once the crabs pass our rigorous examination, they are immediately shipped, live, steamed, or frozen, to your front door to retain freshness. 

    With Crab Dynasty, you can trust that the crabs that arrive on your doorstep are the highest grade of Maryland blue crabs. Whether you’re looking for hard shell crabs, soft shell crabs, lump crab meat, or crab legs, Crab Dynasty provides the highest level of service and convenience. 

    The Best Maryland Blue Crabs

    Maryland blue crabs for sale at Crab Dynasty are caught fresh from the Chesapeake Bay. Each live hard crab is inspected and selected to ensure only the highest grade of live Maryland blue crabs are shipped, so you can feel secure when you order, knowing that a fresh bushel of crabs from Crab Dynasty is on its way to you.

    Leave the preparation to us by ordering a bushel of our steamed hard crabs! We steam freshly caught crabs with your desired level of Old Bay seasoning and delicately pack them in cold containers. Each crab is hand-picked for quality.

    Where do you buy the highest quality crab meat? Count on Crab Dynasty! We offer fresh backfin lump, jumbo lump, claw meat, and cocktail crab claws. Each package contains luscious chunks of delicious blue crab meat, shipped fresh to lock in flavor. Our blue crab meat is perfect for crab casserole or deviled crab. 

    The Best Frozen Maryland Blue Crabs And Crabcakes

    Chesapeake soft shell crab is a delicacy treasured by seafood connoisseurs across the country. Crab Dynasty harvests each blue crab at the right time to prepare them for optimum consistency and flavor. The crab season usually begins in April and runs through early September, but with Crab Dynasty’s frozen soft shell crabs, you can enjoy the freshest Chesapeake soft shell crabs year-round.  

    Another great way to enjoy crab during the off-season is to order soup crabs for your favorite Maryland crab soup. Crab meat is slightly sweet, adding a delicious flavor to the soup when you cook the split crab in the broth before mincing the crabmeat. You can count on Crab Dynasty to supply frozen, sweet, and hard-shell crabs shipped right to your door year-round. Order the finest soup crabs, and enjoy your favorite Chesapeake soup any time of year!

    We hand fill our authentic Maryland crab cakes with luscious chunks of pure Chesapeake Bay lump crab meat. Many of our competitors use the maximum amount of filler, but we use an industry low of 10%. These crab cakes ship frozen. They make a beautiful presentation sure to impress at events throughout the year.

    The Best Alaskan Crab Legs

    Alaskan king crab legs are loaded with succulent and tender crab meat, making them the perfect choice for discriminating seafood enthusiasts. With guaranteed low prices for Alaskan king crab, Crab Dynasty is the best source for finding high-quality Alaskan king crab legs for sale. Note that 2 to 3 large king crab legs or 1 to 2 jumbo king crab legs yield approximately 1 pound. King Crab Legs are shipped frozen from Crab Dynasty.

    Gather your family for a delicious crab boil or creamy macaroni and cheese dinner with delectable bits of Alaskan snow crab. Caught fresh off the Alaska shores, snow crab legs contain tender, sweet meat. Don’t limit yourself to flavorless crab legs found at buffets – experience the difference of hand-selected Alaskan snow crab legs delivered straight to your door. Snow Crab Legs are shipped frozen in 3-, 6-, or 9-pound sizes.

    The Best Crabs Come With A Satisfaction Guarantee!

    Crab Dynasty makes finding the freshest seafood easy with our convenient online ordering system and satisfaction guaranteed. We note your available UPS shipping options during checkout.

    Our satisfaction guarantee makes us one of America’s most trusted online seafood suppliers. We are committed to providing high-quality seafood. Contact us within 48 hours if you notice an issue with your order. Crab Dynasty will work with you to make things right.

    Check our website or social channels regularly for weekly and holiday specials! Treat yourself to the best crabs when you choose Crab Dynasty.