Crab Dynasty provides fresh seafood delivery right to your front door! From steamed Maryland blue crabs to lump crab cakes, Crab Dynasty provides the highest level of quality and convenience to seafood lovers all across the country. Crab Dynasty has one vow: to make sure every customer is satisfied. We will do everything we can to help you enjoy your Maryland seafood experience. All of our seafood is caught fresh from the Chesapeake Bay, Atlantic Ocean, and the Gulf. We are located in Crisfield, MD the place formerly known as the seafood capital of the U.S.A. With our fresh Maryland hard crabs, soft crabs, oysters, clams, fish fillets, authentic hand made Maryland crab cakes and jumbo lump crab meat, we would like to offer you a little piece of Maryland’s very best. We also carry crowd favorites like shrimp, snow crab legs, king crab legs, lobster and a whole lot more. From holiday or family gatherings to just wanting a seafood treat, we are here to help. Why go anywhere else?

Medium Lobster Tails

Our delicious lobster tails are favored all across the country!

Starting at $29.95
Standard Male Hard Crabs

Our Maryland hard crabs are steamed to perfection.

Starting at $29.99
Large King Crab Legs

King Crab straight from Alaska is sure to please the crowd.

Starting at $27.49
Maryland Lump Crab Meat

Maryland lump crab meat is available in 1-5 lb. containers.

Starting at $19.99
Medium Gulf Shrimp

We offer all sizes of succulent shrimp, just perfect for cocktail!

Starting at $17.95
Soft Crabs - Hotels

Our Maryland soft shell crabs are a favored delicacy!

Starting at $24.99

Fishing Boat

Crab Dynasty is a family owned business that started out as a small garage-run operation, delivering seafood to cities in New York and Connecticut in various vehicles including a 1978 Chevette! We did just about everything we could to make sure that all of our customers were satisfied. Now, we are a nationwide wholesaler that supplies every major market with seafood coast to coast. With our outstanding customer service, we have achieved new heights by offering our seafood online. Our new partnership with Fed Ex will ensure the freshest delivery of seafood.

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