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    The Importance of Seafood in your Diet

    Every dietician will tell you it’s important to integrate seafood into your diet, but what exactly are the benefits of doing so?  Let’s dive into the facts and see how premium seafood from Crab Dynasty can help ‘boost’ your health goals:


    Boost Heart Health

    Fresh Fish like SalmonRockfish, and Tuna are considered some of the best foods for heart health.  Heart attacks and stroke are some of the most commons ways people die prematurely, so it is paramount to include these fatty fish into your diet as it has been proven to lower the risk of heart diseases (study1).


    Boost Immune System

    OystersCrab and Lobster are rich in zinc which can help build proteins, heal damaged tissue, and help support a healthy immune system (study2).  They also contain selenium, which defends the body against inflammation, can help enhance resistance against disease and negative side effects of stress, and improves blood flow (study3).


    Boost Brain Power/Health

    There is a reason why they call seafood ‘brain food’.  Many types of seafood (Crab, Fish, Shrimp, etc.) are full of the Omega 3 fatty acid DHA (docosahexaenoic acid), which is vital component for brain health (study4). The brain is made up of approximately 20% of polyunsaturated fatty acids, and DHA from seafood helps support these levels to maintain healthy brain function.  The human body does not produce this on its own, making it essential to bolster your diet with seafood at least 2 times a week to reap the benefits (study5).  Eating seafood can also help your mental health, with studies showing that people who eat seafood regularly can lower their chance for depression (study6)


    Boost Development/Body Health

    Seafood has been praised for its benefits to the development of the human body as well as maintaining it.  From easing joint pain (study7) to improving your skin health (study8), almost every part of your body can benefit from consuming seafood on a regular basis.  New studies have shown that it’s also important for expecting mothers to integrate some seafood into their diet to promote healthy growth for them and their newborn (study9)


    Boost Eye Health

    ShrimpFish and Crab have plenty of vitamin A, which is critical to your vision as it will keep your cornea clear.  Vitamin A is also a component of rhodopsin, a protein that aids your vision in low light conditions. (study10)


    Boost Sleep Quality

    Good sleep can be hard to come by now-a-days, especially with phone screens, computer screens, and tv screens dominating our lives recently.  Studies have shown that consuming more seafood will help with quality of sleep, as the Vitamin D present in most seafoods (especially salmon) helps keep your vitamin D at optimal levels. (study11) Better sleep will help activity levels throughout the day, and keeping active is one of the best ways to stay healthy. 


    With all these in mind, it cannot be stressed enough how important seafood can be for your overall health, especially knowing that eating seafood regularly can reduce the risk of death from any health-related cause by 17% (study12). How can you integrate it into your weekly routine? Substitute FishCrabShrimp or Shellfish with your meat and poultry recipes, like pasta or salads, and take advantage of health benefits in a tastier way than many people think.  Only takes 2 meals per week to make a difference, take advantage of Crab Dynasty Specials and see how our premium seafood can take your health to the next level.